I offer a number of services, broadly outlined below.

Proofreading: With two years of experience as a full-time proofreader, I can plow through large volumes of material and ensure absolute accuracy and grammatical perfection.  If your project has zero room for error, I am the solution.

Copy Editing: I can take even the most raw material and make it shine.  Having polished my Mongolian coworkers’ translations (while serving in the Peace Corps), I have developed a strong sense for the intent of even the most confusing text and a knack for identifying the questions that must be asked to make sense of it all.  If you need a specific style such as AP or Chicago, a simple polishing of existing text, or a full-on interpretation of very rough material, bring it to me and I’ll make it fit your needs.

Advertising copywriting: Having served an internship with a Kansas City-area ad house, I have a good sense for what is needed to get clients calling or clicking and make sales.  Whether it’s short form (direct mail, e-mail) or long form sales letters, I’ll find the voice that your ideal client is listening for.

Research: Is there something you need to know but don’t have the time to find it yourself?  Put me on the job.  Whether it’s highly technical, hard to find, or outside your expertise, I’ll find the needed information.  As a bibliophile and library rat, I’ll even enjoy getting elbow deep in books to get the answers you need.

Tutoring: Any writing or research project can benefit from a second pair of eyes.  Similarly, any writer or researcher can reap huge rewards from skilled guidance.  Whether you want hands-on, content-heavy help with your project or just someone to keep you focused and on-track, I can tailor my services to fit your needs.

Writing: On any topic, in any style, for any audience.  I’m willing to go to great lengths to deliver a high quality product.

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