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Beth Foulk reviewed 7/2012
Quality Excellent
Tom has been editing and proofreading my articles for publication to industry journals. Each article is returned with an obvious amount of attention and detail afforded it. He leaves no structural, contextual, grammatical, or logical point unobserved or examined. I’m simply amazed at his thoroughness and scholarly proficiency. I trust him implicitly with my works and wouldn’t think of publishing without Tom reviewing the work first. Even if I think the work is “bulletproof,” Tom finds plenty to make me glad he saw it. I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to put out first class work.
See Beth’s excellent work at her site: http://www.genealogydecoded.com/

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4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Hannah Z says:

    Fast response, very good proofreading service, and helpful comments
    Overall, great job Tom!

  2. I used Tom’s thorough editorial assistance in the preparation of a manuscript for publication in a Military medical journal. The returned product was professional and with attention to detail. Tom provided many suggestions to help the article structure, flow and to keep main points in context. In addition, the grammar and spelling corrections were excellent. Thank you Tom.
    Bob Duprey
    Major, US Army
    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

  3. Drinkingflowers says:

    He helped me with editing my thesis proposal. I like his editing! He read my proposal carefully and give me a lot of great comments. He even notice the minor errors of my citations. If you want to have a zero-grammar error in your works, go and find Tom!

  4. Kristen Finkbiner says:

    I used Tom’s editorial assistance to prepare my law school personal statement. He went above and beyond while helping me with this. The finished statement had polished ideas, great structure, and no errors. I am very pleased with it and would recommend Tom to anyone looking for editorial assistance!